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New Flash!

2008-12-08 09:05:02 by Shylian

Yes, the new Dots Flash Christmas Special is out this year, took a lot of work, but I managed to pull together time during the passed few weeks for you all. This Flash is featuring the Dots world celebrating the special time of the year, but will it all go as planned?

Just to clear one thing up, the ending of this Flash will be followed by a "Replay" button, so don't close out too early, or you might miss the best part! Again, thank you all for your PMs and encouragement, neither will go forgotten.

Enjoy: DOTS! 19 (Long Night)


New Flash!


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2008-12-08 12:56:45

you made 19 flash movies about dots?

thats badaZz


2008-12-10 03:07:53

Dotting it up


2008-12-10 16:38:45

Havn't watched it yet, but I have it bookmarked for when I have time to thoroughly enjoy it and leave a piece of text to hopefully make up for all the weekly review losses so I can stay in the same spot on the top reviewers list without having lost any reviews which makes me seem so unprofessional. Run on. ;)


2008-12-16 14:00:04

i've seen it a few times, both times you uploaded it. it's really cool, butyou should PM me (in other words dont just reply to this post, i'll never get it!) and tell me exactly why you would delete something that successfully made it to the christmas 2008 page? i'm just not in full understanding. it's a REALLY cool thing tho, and please tell me where i can get the song :D


2009-02-18 12:30:34

oh yeah, didn't get to wish you a happy valentines day.. SOOOO HAPPY LATE V DAY!


2009-05-30 23:24:18

I wonder when your grand 2009 debut in blogging form will be. ;)


2009-06-25 14:49:44

haha just showing ya some luv shy! =) Been a while since i said hi!